Peace & Development Education Consulting creates dynamic education programs for development projects using Peace Principles.
We create education programs for Rotary Clubs and NGOs working in areas of development such as Rotary International’s Six Areas of Focus:
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Disease Prevention & Treatment
  • Basic Education & Literacy, including English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education
  • Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution, including Environmental Education
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Economic & Community Development

All education programs are designed with Peace Principles in mind such as:
  • Do No Harm
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Gender Equality
  • Conflict Analysis
  • Community Building/Connectors
  • Prevention
  • Autonomy
  • Self-empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Local Knowledge
We create education programs for all ages, literacy levels and in Spanish and English. We have experience in the United States, Mexico and Hungary.
Our Education Services include developing:
  • Needs Assessments
  • Curricula
  • Lesson Plans and Guides
  • Materials
  • Facilitator/Teacher Training Workshops and Modules
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation Plans and Reports
  • Conference Workshops and Talks
Our Complementary Services include:
  • Spanish/English Translation
  • Illustration
  • Layout
  • Facilitating & Program Building


Peace & Development Education Consulting is me, Wendy Coulson, a Rotary Peace Fellow graduate and life-long educator. I founded this consulting business after my life-changing experience as a Rotary Peace Fellow at the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand where I learned about the peace principles that now inform my education programs. I have spent my 20+-year career working in the field of education as a teacher, program coordinator, manager, trainer and now consultant. I have worked with adults, youth, and children, in NGOs and schools, in the U.S., Mexico, Hungary, Jordan and soon in Colombia. I work with a team of illustrators, translators, teachers, and program builders to provide you with services from start to finish. I hold a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Bilingual and Special Education.


Disease Prevention & Treatment

Hired by Patronato Pro Niños Working in communities of San Miguel de Allende, Central Mexico I was involved to two projects: Health posters and comics and enhancing the dental health education program. Poster/Comic Project: With my team, I created a story line based on changing attitudes and behaviors on three health topics: hand washing, sneezing, and tooth brushing. I developed an accompanying curriculum for classroom teacher use and collected pre and post data at a pilot school. Dental Health Education Program: With the input of the director and dentists, I enhanced their dental education program for both parents and children and trained the dentists on its delivery.
At the pilot school, the primary school coordinator reported significant behavioral changes after the class on hand washing and sneezing. Children were observed asking to wash their hands after sneezing and washing their hands for 20 seconds after the class. PPN

Water & Sanitation

Hired by Rotary Midday Club of San Miguel de Allende Working with communities around Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende, Central Mexico. As part of a Rotary International Global Grant received by Rotary Midday of San Miguel de Allende, I was hired to develop a 6-module education program to compliment their community cistern building program. With input from Rotarians and their local partner, CEDESA (Centro de Desarrollo Agropecuario – Farming Development Center), I also helped develop accompanying materials and a training session for their promoters.


The lead Rotarian on the project commented that: The most significant result of the new program is the way that the education program serves to energize the project beneficiaries as they are preparing to self-construct their water harvesting cisterns. I have both observed the program as it is being presented and also interviewed many persons after the program. They now fully understand the water crisis and how to differentiate between the various elements of the problem. They are now prepared to take the extra steps to maximize the potential of their cisterns through safe water practices and disinfection techniques.


Basic Education & Literacy

Hired by Rotary Midday Club of San Miguel de Allende Working in San Miguel de Allende, Central Mexico. I was hired to conduct the Monitoring and Evaluation of the grant and create the Outreach program for finding more students in collaboration with the local staff at Escuela de Educación Especial de San Miguel de Allende (Special Education School).


We have fortified the school’s partnerships with other local NGOs and governmental organizations. We have updated its marketing tools and have more media attention. We hosted a well-attended open house which attracted great interest from local government officials and NGO presidents. EEESMA

Peace and the Environment

Hired by Audubon México Working in San Miguel de Allende, Central Mexico I will work to improve the current environmental education program for elementary school children, making it creative and dynamic with clear learning objectives and big results. This involves reworking the program, creating a curriculum for future expansion into more grades, and facilitator training.


This project has just begun. We expect amazing results!

Audubon Mexico

Bilingual Education

Hired by Colegio Cargolet Working in Celaya, Central Mexico I have worked closely with the school’s director for nearly 6 years to develop a long-term plan for on-going teacher training as she grows her school by one grade each year. This plan includes developing and conducting 3 to 4 teacher training workshops per year, mentoring and evaluating English teachers, creating year-long lessons based on selected textbooks and project-based learning philosophy and building the school’s library.


As a result of the workshops, teachers have improved substantially in the areas of lesson planning, positive discipline, using games, poetry and songs, storytelling, use of classroom libraries, and authentic reading and writing lessons.

Colegio Cargolet

Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Hired by the Children’s World Peace Organization Working in Mexico with facilitators in Nepal and Kenya After I worked full-time as the Education Coordinator for the CWPO, I was contracted to work as a consultant for curriculum and lesson development. I created three more years of curriculum and full-year lesson activities and enhanced the existing lessons. I also trained the Mexican staff on the new curriculum.

Results as reported by classroom teachers:

Increased attendance Improved listening skills Resolution of long-standing conflict Improved quality of family life Decreased teacher turnover More parent participation in child’s education.


Bilingual Special Education

Hired by INVA Working in San Miguel de Allende, Central Mexico I worked weekly with a 5th grade Mexican girl with Down’s Syndrome in order to be to make recommendations and accommodations for her in her English language classes in a bilingual school. I wrote accommodation guides to accompany her class textbook so that she could be integrated as much as possible into class activities and learn as much English as possible at her level.


A special tutor was hired to carry out the accommodations which resulted in greater integration into the classroom.


English as a Foreign Language

Hired by English Language Programs Working at Amman, Jordan I was hired as an English Language Specialist to collaborate with the English Team at Queen Rania Teacher Academy to design a 3-part Reading and Phonics program for both teacher trainers and teacher trainees complete with manuals and lesson guides. This project was carried out in two phases. During Phase One, I met with ELP and QRTA staff in Jordan to establish goals and objectives and conduct trainings. I then created the materials for the program based on these agreements. For Phase Two, I returned to QRTA to present my work to the staff and to participants at the Teacher Skills Forum, an international conference of educators from the Arab world. I also participated in direct teacher training with the staff and conducted classroom observations.


The English Team at QRTA was very pleased with the program I created. They give it their approval and will present to the Jordanian Ministry of Education to await final approval. The Early Literacy Program should be implemented by the spring of 2018.

English as a Foreign Language and Special Education

Hired by English Language Programs Working at Medellin, Colombia This fellowship with English Language Programs that will be completed between August, 2017 and June, 2018. I will be working with the Centro Colombo Americano on a program for learning disabilities for both teachers and students. I will be designing and conducting teacher training modules on this subject as well as self-study programs for students who have different ways of learning. I will also be working with the early childhood program staff to enhanced the program where needed. I am very excited to be working through the US Department of State with their partners in Colombia.


I will share results with you as soon as I am able.


Peace and Conflict Resolution

Hired by Club Rotario Working in Puebla, Mexico I accepted the position as a workshop presenter at the 1er Encuentro Nacional Un México Màs Fuerte: Pilares de Paz Positiva (First National Meeting for a Stronger Mexico: Pillars of Positive Peace) which aimed to use Rotary Peace Fellow alumni to teach 300 youth from all over Mexico about positive peace in collaboration with Rotary International and the Institute of Economics and Peace. I created and presented, along with my co-facilitator, 3 2-hour workshops on two pillars of positive peace in alignment with my work: Accepting the Rights of Others and Good Relations with Neighbors. We were involved in several planning meetings before the event.


We met all of the specific objectives set out for the workshops. A professional Monitoring and Evaluation expert is collecting data on the attendees and will make the report available shortly. logo


It was an enlightening pleasure to work with Wendy when she wrote educational curriculum for children’s peace studies in three countries where we had programs, thereby earning her recognition that led her to be privileged to become a Rotary Peace Fellow. She consistently exhibits enthusiasm, a command of a broad range of educational principles, and connections for the infinite possibilities of peace and development, volunteering and working with diverse groups to ensure their success in such endeavors. Robin Loving - Former Director of Children’s World Peace Organization
The curriculum and lessons developed by Wendy Coulson are the heart of our program at the Children's World Peace Organization. Her lessons are easy to share with students and each has a very powerful message of peace and understanding. They are also fun for the students and hold their attention. All of the lessons are very experiential and unique. The results we achieve with her curriculum are nothing less than spectacular. Schools that use the CWPO program and Wendy's curriculum report that incidents of violence/bullying are eliminated, listening skills improve and respect for teachers and parents increases. In addition, schools report that after using the curriculum for just the first year, academic performance improves. I encourage any education program to use Wendy's skills as an Education Consultant. She listens well and is very easy to work with. William S. Day, Jr. - Founder and Executive Director of the Children’s World Peace Organization
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To my hearts: Jorge Catalán and Chaicito. To my mentor supreme: Robin Loving. To my encouragers: Magali Coello, Tom Schneider, Lee Carter, Wolfgang and Inge Stuellenberg and Rotary District 4160, William S. Day, Jr., Rebecca Crall, John Doherty, April Gaydos, Chuck Rubin, Maria del Carmen Bielma, Cecilia Vazquez Piña, and Summer Lewis. To my gurus: Jenn Weidman and the staff at the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University and Rotary Peace Fellows Class 18! Special Thanks to the staff at Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation for believing in peace and supporting it through the Rotary Peace Fellowship. Muchas gracias to all the beneficiaries that have enjoyed, contributed to, and shaped our education programs.