First Presentation of the New Education Program

June 21 to June 23, 2016 Charco de Araujo, San Diego Union After many meetings and lots of hard work on the part of CEDESA, COCIRA, UCCANG and Rotary under the guiding hands of Wendy Coulson, our expert in curriculum and adult teaching methods, the first five modules of the education program were presented in Charco de Araujo. The program is very hands-on and participatory so it is much more than just a presentation. There was much enthusiasm among the participants with several persons proclaiming that EVERY person in the community should have an opportunity to learn all of this! Overall, we are very pleased. We are now teaching at Boca de Canada in San Miguel and next week Wendy and I will meet to review and talk about revisions to the curriculum and also the manual which is in its "almost final draft" form. I will let the photos tell the story. Enjoy - Lee  Visit.. Rotary Water Harvesting

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