Rotary Water Harvesting in The Independence Aquifer, Mexico

The project has been moving along at break neck speed! We have now presented the education program 3 times: Boca de Canada, Charco de Araujo, La Colorada.boca-education-1 This week I went with Ceci (CEDESA) to observe the final day of the program in La Colorada. Universally the beneficiaries are finding the program both helpful but also very fun. A number of people told me that they thought spending three days in water education was going to be boring and too much time. boca-education-2However, after experiencing the program, they are all very excited and relate that they understand much better now the water problems of the region and why the cisterns are so important. We are administering a Pre-education questionnaire and a Post-education questionnaire so that we can measure the success of the education program. I look forward to reporting those results at a later date. education-boca-drawing-water-cycle We have cisterns under construction in Charco de Araujo (14 cisterns and 3 tinacos), La Colorada (24), and Boca de Canada (21) now. We have utilized all of the special caliber chicken wire from our vendor, Hierro Comercial, and are now waiting for it to be re-stocked. It is a special factory order and will take from four to six weeks to be restocked. This is OK as we are at a point that we need to review our progress to date and take care of many details. We hope to have the final version of the Water Education Manual finished and ready to go to the printer late next week. We are moving forward on the second draft of the Cistern Construction and Maintenance Manual next week. We still have not found a suitable truck for CEDESA and without it, getting CEDESA promotors and technicians to the project sites has been a challenge. With this respite in construction, I hope we can get these important details completed in the next few weeks. Next Thursday we will have a planning meeting at CEDESA to reschedule the project details and resolve questions about the next phases of the project. Lee Carter - July 23, 2016 Visit..

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