It was an enlightening pleasure to work with Wendy when she wrote educational curriculum for children’s peace studies in three countries where we had programs, thereby earning her recognition that led her to be privileged to become a Rotary Peace Fellow. She consistently exhibits enthusiasm, a command of a broad range of educational principles, and connections for the infinite possibilities of peace and development, volunteering and working with diverse groups to ensure their success in such endeavors. Robin Loving - Former Director of Children’s World Peace Organization

The curriculum and lessons developed by Wendy Coulson are the heart of our program at the Children's World Peace Organization. Her lessons are easy to share with students and each has a very powerful message of peace and understanding. They are also fun for the students and hold their attention. All of the lessons are very experiential and unique. The results we achieve with her curriculum are nothing less than spectacular. Schools that use the CWPO program and Wendy's curriculum report that incidents of violence/bullying are eliminated, listening skills improve and respect for teachers and parents increases. In addition, schools report that after using the curriculum for just the first year, academic performance improves. I encourage any education program to use Wendy's skills as an Education Consultant. She listens well and is very easy to work with. William S. Day, Jr. - Founder and Executive Director of the Children’s World Peace Organization

When the Rotary Club of San Miguel Midday decided that a formal education program was needed as part of its ongoing water harvesting projects, we understood that we needed an expert to guide us through the process. Wendy Coulson was chosen by the Midday Rotary Club to lead us in developing a comprehensive education program to complement our water harvesting projects. Before hiring Wendy we knew that we had a partner, CEDESA, that had most of the knowledge and experience about our water crisis. However, we also observed that they did not have the tools to communicate that information effectively to the community members, leading all parties – CEDESA, Rotary and the Project Beneficiaries – to be frustrated. We had several other propositions from other consultants to help us achieve our goal, but, thankfully, we chose Wendy. We chose her because of her vast experience in curriculum development locally with other NGOs (Patronato pro Niños, The Children’s World Peace Organizaation and with a bilingual school in Celaya. We had also sponsored her to become a Rotary International Peace Scholar. After explaining to Wendy what we wanted to accomplish, she first advised us that we needed to understand the importance of using adult education techniques for community members. Most water education material is directed at young students in elementary or secondary school. We needed a fresh start. Second, she taught us that we have to be sensitive to the varying levels of education of the participants and we must adapt our teaching methods to capture the interest and enthusiasm of all participants. Lastly, she taught us that if we did not have full buy-in from the “teachers” (CEDESA) that our program would fail regardless of how well it was formulated. It seemed a bit daunting. Wendy took to the task with enthusiasm and great energy. She worked closely with CEDESA to ensure their participation … buy in … as the program was developed. She drew upon her experience working in rural communities as she developed teaching methods that required extensive participatory exercises to capture the interest of the students regardless of their literary levels. She helped us to develop materials to reinforce and maximize the success of the education program – teaching posters, participatory activities, a “water manual” that pulled everyone together to work for the same result. Wendy’s work and the results have been exceptional. The CEDESA promoters are thrilled with the program because they can see the success of each of the sessions they are teaching. They are no longer frustrated that they are knowledgeable of the subject but unable to effectively communicate that information to affect real change of habits at the community level. The most significant result of the new program is the way that the education program serves to energize the project beneficiaries as they are preparing to self-construct their water harvesting cisterns. I have both observed the program as it is being presented and also interviewed many persons after the program. They now fully understand the water crisis and how to differentiate between the various elements of the problem. They are now prepared to take the extra steps to maximize the potential of their cisterns through safe water practices and disinfection techniques. We had never been able to achieve that before. Developing an education program that would lead to permanent change in the daily habits of our beneficiaries was a lofty goal. Because of Wendy we have achieved that.Lee Carter -President of Lee Carter Company & Former Rotary Midday President,

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Wendy when I was president of Patronato Pro Ninos. Wendy developed an educational program for children dealing with oral hygiene and clean water. The program was a huge success attributable in no small measure to Wendy's professionalism and creativity. She was a true team player who helped develop the goals and the curriculum to achieve them. Her ability to speak directly to the children was superb and a subset of teaching aids she conceived, aimed at teachers, ensured that the project met its objectives. I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.Chuck Rubin, - Board President Patronato Pro Niños

This fine young woman has been providing wonderful service in helping to establish and set up the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for a Global Grant that I am leading for the Midday Rotary Club in San Miguel de Allende. The Global Grant will improve the education and lives of children and young adults with hearing impairments in a local School for Special Education. Over the past couple of months Wendy has also been able to provide bi-lingual support in the development of partnerships with like schools, other local NGO’s and Government Agencies. She is an organized professional, and is courteous, considerate and caring in her approach to providing consulting services. Wendy demonstrates a real desire to offer good services. We are planning to continue to work with Wendy on the Outreach Program of the Global Grant and can highly recommend her Education Consulting services.John Doherty - Club Rotario del Medio Dia